Questions & Answers

If it's as good as you say it must be expensive


Our average customer knows well the frustration of spending thousands of Rands to handle their sinus problems in their lifetime, some have even had operations.
Just like any other product subject to economic climate changes, the price is subject to change without notice. For now just R219.00, even if you had to use © RUBYDROPS repeatedly due to allergies 1 bottle will last you a year!

Is it safe to use while working?

It has no side effects. No headaches, no pains, no drowsiness, no kidney damage, no dried out feeling, no damage to the nasal channel or respiratory system.

I seem to be allergic to everything, will it be safe for me to use it?


Well you can test it, start by using one drop to test for a reaction, in our research we have yet to have anyone get an allergic reaction. We cannot rule this out of course, we suggest you start with very low dosages and increase by 1 drop per day.

I'm an althlete and my blood gets tested regularly for illegal steriods, am I safe to use © RUBYDROPS?

© RUBYDROPS contains no drugs or illegal substances of any kind, it's safe for athletes to use.

Dosage for children


Follow the basic dosage pattern, but start with 5 drops and end with 15 drops on the 11th to 16th days.

Dosage for babies

For one year or older, follow the basic pattern, but start with one drop, increasing by one drop every two days. Up to 5 drops twice a day for 5 days.